GOAL: To ensure more effective victim services in West Virginia.

MISSION: To develop and provide a comprehensive, academically based, fundamental education for victim assistance providers, victim advocates, criminal justice personnel, and allied professionals who routinely deal with crime victims.

VISION: The Committee’s vision is the establishment and utilization of a diverse Steering Committee to guide and direct the development and implementation of a WVSVAA; conduct and analyze the findings of a statewide training needs assessment; develop a West Virginia specific curriculum; develop selection criteria for academy teaching faculty; formulate student selection criteria; develop an evaluation process for the purposes of program assessment, program improvement and management to verify, document and quantify program activities and their effects; and to begin planning for sustainability.

VALUES: The Committee wants to provide effective, accessible training opportunities for the state’s victim service providers. We place a high value on adult learning and interactivity. The academy’s content is to be consistent with the material contained in the national curriculum, but applicable to West Virginia practitioners, expressing a victim-centered philosophy and focusing on how the criminal justice system works in West Virginia.